Javier Soler Esplugues

My Name is Javier Soler Esplugues, i am a selftaught 3d artist from Spain who loves to mix abstract and real elements on its artworks to create different feelings on the spectator. I started 3d with a background of video editing/photography, and after some years working on those fields i fell that i was just telling stories, not creating, and with 3d i can make my own story. Bring the ideas that i have in my mind to reality and build it in my own way, thats what i love the most about 3d design, the total freedom that you have when you have an idea.
 I have done projects for brands Like Reebok, Lego, Adidas and artwork exhibitions in Malaga, Madrid, Florence, apart from being featured in many online art magazines.
Im always experimenting and trying to bring something new into the 3d/nft world, right now im pushing the fluid/particles simulations because theres not much artwork who cover those fields in the NFT community, so stay tuned for the future¡