Joby Barrett

Joby Barrett - Joby Barrett is a London born self-taught Multidisciplinary Artist whose work reflects on our perception of objects and spaces with a central focus on how we relate to and perceive time. His naturalistic-surrealist and modernist design ideologies are inspired by his training in Architecture alongside his interest in natural systems. Joby is driven to produce work that reframes our perspective on core principles such as time, light and space. He believes this is especially important now during the advent of web3, a place beyond time, which has unlimited possibilities to both generate and preserve culture. 


In 2021, he founded AIMSIR Studio, a multidisciplinary design practice that specialises in 3D design, from 3D printed Jewellery to NFT’s, to buildings and spaces in the Metaverse. CAPSULE 0 is the first edition of the AIMSIR Capsule collection. The collection will be releasing later this year consisting of NFTs, Prints, Sculpture, Jewellery and Clothing.