In the fields of UI / UX / Branding and Advertising Campaigns Ken has worked on numerous high profile projects. His work includes clients such as Google, Netflix, PayPal, Bank of America, RedBull, GoodReads, National Geographic, Deloitte, and others with projects that span the range of design systems, branding, user experience, and ecommerce. In addition he’s partnered with numerous agencies including Allen & Gerritsen, Antler/GYK, Fjord, Hill Holiday, Envoy, FuseIdeas, Sapient, Digitas and Digital Influence Group.

As an artist Ken’s work includes monumental scale sculptures, public art projects and private commissions. He has large scale pieces in Qatar, Park Krasnodar, China and Indonesia. In addition his visualization work extends to using 3D in creative direction, branding and motion design. Imagining and making compelling new worlds, animations, breakthrough forms and visuals that can be used to create compelling art and branding experiences, and spaces. You can see more of his work here.

Ken creates NFTs as a solo artist and in collaboration with other teams and brands. You can see his work on MakersPlace, SuperRare, Foundation, and NFT Glee. Recent work includes a collaboration with the 2021 Bitcoin Conference in Miami, a first edition bitcoin NFT that realized a sale of 12.6 BTC. He believes that compelling storytelling and elevated design can move and inspire people, which is one of the great drives in his life.