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  • Tyga


    T10T, a collection inspired by the historic Pharaonic tombs and deities of Ancient Egypt cast into the distant technological future, the T10T NFT collection harnesses ancient aesthetics and cutting edge contemporary digital art deeply rooted in the CryptoArt space.The PFP collection will be composed of two phases. Phase 1 will consist of 1,000 unique NFTs, each showcasing a vast array of forms, neons and compositions portraying an alternate universe and cosmos. The NFTs feature a variety of traits allowing for varying levels of rarity within the collection. The launch of phase 2 will be decided in collaboration with the community. Furthermore, the project has Metaverse and gaming connectivity with wearables and play-to-earn (P2E) functionalities as well as exclusive IRL benefits and unrivaled VIP access to Tyga via Metaverse performances. Produced by in partnership with HOFA Gallery’s artists, 25m42 and Leo Caillard brought to life from a 3D scan of Tyga himself, each unique licensed NFT comes with its own traits and rarities attached.

    Magic Eden

  • Stone Heads, SOLD OUT

    Stone Heads

    SOLD OUT and contemporary artist Leo Caillard collaborated for the drop of his first Solana native NFT collection Stone Heads that was minted and sold out within hours, on leading launchpad - Magic Eden. The Stone Heads collection consists of 5,555 unique NFTs launched on the Solana blockchain, and representing a connection between classic and contemporary art, bringing iconic characters from mythology into the Metaverse. The collection acts as membership to the first Solana art community, which is exclusive for Stone Heads holders. Different benefit tiers are being introduced based on the number of pieces a holder posesses. Each Stone Head is one of a kind. However, some are rarer than others - these rarities have social powers that can unlock physical artwork and experiences among many other utilities and benefits. The collection sold out on one of the leading Solana launchpads - Solanium.


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  • Federico Chiesa


    Frederico Chiesa - partnered with Juventus and Italy National Team start Frederico Chiesa. The Genesis project is a selection of 2,500 - EURO 2020 Tribute NFTs. This was the first time the internationally renowned footballer had created a selection of digital works. The collection sold out on one of the leading Solana launchpads - Solanium.


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